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CBD is increasingly popular as a dietary supplement. There are countless reasons to test CBD, and it is not always easy to find the right product to meet your needs. The CBD can vary a bit, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the main CBD products available in the market. All of our CBD products are made by prestigious brands – offering peace of mind to those who want to add some CBD into their lives.

The best CBD hemp oil 15%

Position first of our Ranking is for hemp oil with a concentration of 15% CBD. Each drop of product contains 5 mg of cannabidiol. Use this article if the 5% CBD oil is not powerful enough. The properties of this oil, except for its greater potency, are equal to those of the previous product.

We advise you to consult the Nordic Oil to inform you about the use of this oil. Its price is slightly higher than the articles with lower concentrations of cannabidiol, although you will need to spend a smaller amount of product to benefit from its effects.

The best CBD hemp oil 20%

Second, we introduce you to hemp oil with the highest concentration of CBD available in Nordic Oil. If you already have experience in the use of cannabidiol, you can get the most out of this article. Each drop of oil contains 6.7 mg of CBD, giving this product an unbeatable value for money.

Like the rest of the hemp oils of the Nordic Oil brand, this product has been obtained from certified and non-transgenic plants. It does not contain gluten or animal products, making it a product suitable for coeliacs and vegans. 

The best 30% CBD paste

The third place in the list is occupied by an article only suitable for true cannabidiol experts: CBD Nordic Oil 30% paste. A small 5 ml bottle of the product contains 1500 mg of CBD dissolved in beeswax and coconut oil. This format allows the maximum amount of CBD to be adjusted according to our needs.

Nordic Oil accompanies this product with all the information you need to get the most out of it. Check your reference tables and your Wiki and, if you have any doubts, contact your Customer Service. Finally, remember that this product, because it contains beeswax, is not suitable for vegans.

The best 50% CBD paste

The last position of our Ranking is taken by 50% CBD paste. Like the rest of the articles, this Nordic Oil product has excellent quality. However, it is the most powerful of its products, recommended only for consumers who know how to make the most of the high power of such an article.

The price of this small package may seem high at first glance, but what if we told you that 5 ml of this beeswax and coconut oil paste contains 2500 mg of CBD? A single purchase will allow you to acquire a sufficient amount of cannabidiol to meet all your needs for months.

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